One of the big unveils at Google's big I/O Conference going on today was the official announcement of the next step in the evolution of the Android OS: Ice Cream Sandwich. The next in Google's line of sweet treats for the Android community is on deck for release at the end of this year and has one mission above all: reversing fragmentation.

Billed as "One OS to run everywhere" Google wants Ice Cream Sandwich to run on all Android devices, phones and tablets alike. To help with that, the Googlers have gotten every manufacturer that makes Android devices to commit to making all new devices updateable to the latest version of Android for the first 18 months after release.

Ice Cream Sandwich will combine all of the best elements of Honeycomb and Gingerbread, bringing the improved UI to the phone and introducing better widgets and multitasking. The update will also introduce some nifty 3D tricks, including a "Virtual Camera Operator" that can track faces while recording video.

More updates will doubtlessly be unveiled soon, so stay tuned.

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