4. Kill At Will

In Darkness II, you have an arsenal at your disposal from the very beginning: two pistols, two hungry shadow-tentacle things—one for grabbing, one for slashing—and a darkling henchman (the horde of darklings from the first game is gone, thankfully, and replaced with this much more manageable and personable lackey). Not to mention the environment itself: Thanks to the grabby tentacle, car doors can be used as shields and debris can be hurled at enemies. If this is what you get at the beginning, we can’t wait to see how the powers evolve over the course of the game.

The control scheme to manage all this action (each trigger shoots a gun, while the shoulder buttons control their respective toothy tentacles) initially made us feel like we needed a third hand to make everything work, but once we settled into a rhythm, we felt only one thing: power.