Fan photographer Andrew Snook snapped a few photos of Chris Diamantopoulos, Will Sasso and Sean Hayes as they were filming a car crash scene, in Atlanta, for The Farrelly Brothers' latest comedy The Three Stooges.

It may take you a few seconds to realize that you're looking at Hayes as "Larry Fine," with the trademark receding hairline. He looks a lot different than his days on NBC's Will & Grace. Left of him is Diamantopoulos, who's applying some eye drops and sporting his "Moe Howard" pageboy haircut. As far as "Curly," we can only see Sasso from the back (#pause).

Chris Diamantopolous, Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, and Sofia Vergara in The Three Stooges

Meanwhile, Sofia Vergara, who plays Mrs. Harter, "a femme fatale who tries to trick the Stooges into killing a man for money," tweeted pictures of herself in make-up all bruised up after shooting her part in the car crash scene.

Sofia Vergara in The Three Stooges

The film, which the Farrelly Brothers have spent years working on, is said to have a $30 million budget and will be filmed in three 27-minute segments to make a single story. Which is fine, since we're fans of the original show, but we wouldn't be mad if they just filmed Vergara doing this and this and this.

Glee's Jane Lynch, Richard Jenkins, and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David join in on the fun as The Three Stooges hit theaters in 2012.

[Via Yahoo! Movies]

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