As Spotify works on closing deals that will allow it to set up shop in America, the Swedish music service has just struck a partnership deal with Facebook to launch an all-new music-streaming service. 

According to sources close to the deal, the partnership will have Spotify integrated into Facebook in all the markets Spotify is available—meaning, everywhere except the U.S. Those that have access to the service will see little Spotify icon on the left side of their newsfeed that, when clicked, will install the service on their desktops. Once installed, users will be able to play any of the million plus songs available in Spotify's library through Facebook. 

Facebook has been attempting to launch a music service for years as a way to compete with MySpace Music. Back in 2008, there were rumors stating that the company was in talks with Last.FM, but those negotiations fell through. The service with Spotify is said to be close to ready, and could launch in as little as two weeks, according to a source speaking to Forbes. 

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