You know the iconic photos of Bettie Page in her "jungle outfit," posing with live cheetahs? The classics where Page casually sexes it out with two leashed cheetahs submissive before her? Bunny Yeager took those photos—she's with Page in the above photograph. Tomorrow, the Harold Golen Gallery debuts a new exhibition dedicated to Yeager's work.

Bunny Yeager was born in Pittsburgh in 1930. Before becoming a photographer, Yeager was a bikini model, and quite a famous one. Charming and shapely, Yeager was one of the most photographed models in Miami. The exhibition at the Harold Golen Gallery will feature self-portraits Yeager took in the '50s and '60s. Find out why they called Yeager the "prettiest photographer."

The Fabulous Bunny Yeager
Opening Saturday, May 14
6 p.m.
Through July 2
Harold Golen Gallery
2294 Northwest 2nd Ave, Miami

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