Last week we reported on the new Dead Island trailer that continued to paint the game with somber and emotional tones.  While we are resigned to the fact that we’re not going to get the same dramatic experience showcased in the trailers, we’re actually impressed with what we saw from the 12-minute gameplay walkthrough below.  Dead Island has an open-world feel that should satisfy exploration junkies and features the juxtaposition of a horrifying zombie invasion with the absolute serenity of a gorgeous tropical island.  As you traverse the various locations, you can choose to help other survivors or abandon them as you upgrade and maintain your weapons via an extremely detailed crafting system.  Slaying zombies requires you to conserve your stamina by picking your strikes carefully to disable or dismember your rotting foes.  It will be interesting to watch the developments of Dead Island as it shambles towards its release in Q3 of this year.    

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