If you recall a few months ago, there was a huge controversy surrounding the Dead Island trailer that featured a little girl dying, turning into a zombie and attacking her father.  The video created a lot of buzz for the game which seemed to promise a heavy and dramatic take on a zombie game.  As bits of gameplay began to be revealed, it looked like the game just another zombie hack and slash, which left fans feeling severely disappointed.  A new Dead Island trailer was just released and once again they go back to the chilling musical score and dramatic imagery that conjures up feelings that the game is melancholy and deep.  As fans of The Walking Dead series can attest to, people like their zombie stories to have a heart and soul.  We really hope this game follows through with that overall tone instead of it just being a disjointed marketing scheme.  Unfortunately, we’re very skeptical and braced for disappointment.  [via Destructoid]


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