Despite being one of the most commonly visited sites, Craigslist has remained archaic in design and functionality. Resembling a newspaper “Classifieds” page, it may have abstained from evolving in the name of homage. But nostalgia is for dummies—especially when design is right out of the age of Geocities.

Craiggers, though, puts 2011 packaging on Craigslist’s content. All the listings are there, but now, navigation is indexed through a sidebar, search results open in a sub-window within the same browser tab—multiple-tab action is now rendered unnecessary—and users can "favorite" results.

In addition, Craiggers lets users save searches and setup e-mail notifications for twice daily updates of saved search results. Also, a ‘neighboring matches’ feature allows a more comprehensive search including areas outside of the targeted one, for instances when location isn’t too sensitive.

And so, while it’s mostly awesome, the only minor room for improvement is the sidebar search menu, with two separate “sort by” submenus that cancel each other out. Just nitpicking, though.—Devin Chanda

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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