A few exits north of downtown Baltimore on Interstate 95 is a land by the name of White Marsh. This is technically Baltimore County and there isn’t much to it aside from one stretch of restaurants, a movie theater, strip malls, and a regular mall. There is one stand-out star in White Marsh, though—Red Brick Station [8149 HoneyGo Blvd, White Marsh].

Opened in 1997 and inspired by traditional English pubs, this brewery and restaurant on the Avenue is very popular amongst the young professional crowd due to their unique brews and darn good burgers. They also serve the standard Maryland crab cakes—it’s simply unheard of for a restaurant in this state to not offer them,—but their real specialty is the Chicken Chesapeake. Two chicken breasts grilled to perfection and smothered in sautéed crab, tomato and lobster sauce.

Side note: A popular Towson University hangout, Bill Bateman’s (also located in Baltimore County, but in the other direction) serves similar dishes, such as burgers and chicken sandwiches topped with ooey-gooey crab dip and Old Bay. These are also very good but Bateman’s has a serious “undergrad” atmosphere and some of their food makes the tummy rumble a bit, if you get my drift.