In case you didn’t realize, apparently the world needed a new Conan movie. Well, that’s what Hollywood thinks, anyway. The original shirtless epic featured a young Arnold Schwarzenegger hacking and slashing his way through hordes of baddies and actually achieved cult status. This new stab at the legend features relative unknown, Jason Momoa, in the lead and promises to be more in tune with the original Robert E. Howard tales. But what does story really matter when you have giant snakes and witches to behead?

Despite the fact that the movie is titled Conan The Barbarian, the main character actually doesn’t do a whole lot in the trailer. There are quick glimpses of him grimacing, swinging a sword, and grunting through a few lines. But there’s nothing shown that gives an indication as to whether or not Momoa will actually be any good in the role. That doesn’t bode too well for what the studio thinks of his performance. But again, who needs good acting when you have giant snakes?

What the trailer lacks in meaty Conan footage or story hints, it makes up for in action and CGI backdrops. And while some of the effects actually do a good job of resembling the classic Frank Frazetta Conan art, there just doesn’t seem like there's enough to this movie to separate it from other bland sword-and-shield epics.

Will director Marcus Nispel deliver a badass, testosterone-fueled Conan flick? Or will it fizzle like his last stab at the epic genre, Pathfinder? We’ll see when Conan The Barbarian his theaters on August 19.