First things first, Ryan Segovich: you never say "me llamo es..." It's always "me llamo" and then your name. So, in your case, "me llamo gringo."

Getting off the grammar tip, let's jump to 1:20; Segovich tells the viewer he's going to retrieve something no party would be complete without. Then, instead of emerging with a gun so that Segovich can turn the cameraman's life into a party of freedom where he, the cameraman, no longer has to videotape this turkey, Segovich reveals a dinky pinata. Windy City Novelties offers 40 pinatas and it's a shame that none of them are the Segovich piñata. Because after watching him pull a remote from the brim of his hat immediately following a "cute" maracas dance, all you will want to do is beat him with a wooden stick.

Mind you, this is all before Segovich brings out the "great" light-up items, necessary because this "fiesta" will go all night. The guests, he tells the viewer, will entertain themselves with light-up margarita glasses. Imagine a Ryan Segovich Cinco de Mayo party. Imagine the guests sitting in a dark room flicking the glasses on and off across the table to each other. They're using LED margarita glasses to flash the same message in morse code. Can you guess what that message is? Hint: it's the opposite of "don't kill yourself."