There is no better visual metaphor for the typical white American celebration of Cinco de Mayo than the transition between :08 and :10 seconds in this video. A still photograph of two Chicano children in traditional garb that becomes suddenly blotted out by a crudely drawn cartoon burrito is Cinco de Mayo. Even after the burrito shrinks down, the boy's face remains obscured. A cartoon margarita swoops in next to complete the lesson. What have we learned? The whole of Mexican culture is a superficial backdrop for whatever gastronomic and alcoholic excesses we want to enact upon it.

Would it be that surprising if, in the video's next sequence, "Mexican people" appeared on the list so that during our party, in between shots of tequila, we could achieve better verisimilitude by being able to look through drunk and squinted eyes at some honest-to-goodness Mexicans swelling the scene? Yay, us!