The worst part of drinking a nice bottle of wine is opening said nice bottle of wine. The situation becomes demonstrably worse when you're struggling to open that bottle in front of the lady you're entertaining for the night. Well, fear no more, you sorry sommelier, Bosch's IXO Vino is here to help. 

At first glance it may appear to be nothing more than a small cordless screwdriver, that's beacuse it is—but if the wooden wine-style box didn't blow its cover, then the included corkscrew attachment will. When the special attachment is put on, the lightweight screwdriver turns into an automatic wine-opener. 

When you're not removing cork, the IXO Vino is capable of pulling double duty as a power tool. There's a magnetic bit holder, a light so you can work in poorly lit areas, and a forward/reverse switch. 

Bosch may not think people in the U.S. drink a lot of wine because, at the moment, it's only available in the UK. If you have no problem throwing down some pounds, cop it at for £40 (around $65). 

[via Uncrate]


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