A poster found during one of the Batman: Arkham City trailers reveals that the circus featuring the Flying Grayson Show has been cancelled.  Why is that significant?  Bruce Wayne attended the last performance of the Flying Graysons when they met their untimely demise.  The lone survivor from the acrobatic family was Dick Grayson, who Wayne took legal custody of and molded into his eventual sidekick, Robin.  Now the fact that the poster says that the show is cancelled indicates that the tragedy has already happened, but the question is:  How long ago did it happen?  Has Batman recently taken Dick Grayson under his wing or has a lot of time passed already?  Will Robin make an appearance in Arkham City or are they just setting him up for a reveal in a future game?  We think adding some online co-op action to the series would put this already amazing franchise over the top.  Dibs on Batman, however.  [via IGN


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