This is an odd one; the guys behind the fabulous Retrofantasma movement in North Carolina are presenting the last remaining 35mm prints of two classically cheesy late-70s films. Jaws 2 needs no introduction — until Rocky II came along, it was the highest-grossing sequel of all time, a logical extension of the first installament of the shark genre game that is now dominated by terrible digital effects on the ScyFy channel.

The Legacy is a totally oddball piece of work starring Katherine Ross, Sam Elliott and, somehow, Roger Daltrey, lead singer of the Who, as part of a group of people who may or may not inherit something truly scary from the master of a spooky English manor. If campy horror is your thing, you should not sleep on Retrofantasma—they always bring the goods.—Finn Cohen

Jaws 2 (1978) and The Legacy (1979)
Friday, May 20
7 p.m.
Carolina Theatre
309 West Morgan St, Durham, N.C.
Tickets $8

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