The "Slow Cinema" movement many critics are championing right now has its roots in films like Chantal Akerman's masterwork Jeanne Dielman: 23, Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975), screening tomorrow at the Museum of the Moving Image. Sofia Coppola cited the film as an enormous influence on Somewhere, her formally audacious effort that went largely unnoticed last year. (Somewhere will eventually be reevaluated and correctly deemed a minor masterpiece. We're calling it right now.)

Formalist to the max, Jeanna Dielman closely attends to the daily routines of the title character, a widow, mother, and prostitute. I'm Not There director Todd Haynes called the film “a feminist masterwork of minimalist constraint." And he's right. Thanks to the Museum of the Moving Image for screening this.

Jeanne Dielman (1975)
Friday, May 6
7 p.m.
Museum of the Moving Image

36-01 35th Ave, Astoria (Queens)
Ticket included with $10 admission fee

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