Unless you've been living under a motorcycle-human-hybrid-proof rock for the last few months, you're probably aware that Lady Gaga's sophomore album Born This Way is upon us. What you may not be aware of, however, is that you can get the entire thing (legally!) for 99 cents. As a special Amazon promotion, apparently designed to help promote their new cloud music service (and to help Gaga goose sales during her already longer than usual first week), you can now download one of the most hotly anticipated albums of the year for less than the price of some stand-alone songs. For comparison, iTunes is selling the same version of the album (14 tracks and the digital booklet) for the standard $11.99, or 12x more.

If you haven't tried out Amazon Cloud Drive yet, remember your first download purchase gets you 20 gigabytes of storage for the year, up from the standard 5 gigs.

[All Things D]

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