On Monday, Amazon did something crazy: they offered Lady Gaga's bonkers new album as an mp3 download for only 99 cents. The one-day sale went like gangbusters and crashed the company's servers-- leaving many would-be customers out in the cold.

Now, in a late twist for what has been an eventful week in the world of Gaga promotions, Amazon is doing it over again, selling the album for less than a buck. On Twitter, the company promises they've learned from their mistakes: "We're doing it again and this time we're ready"

Sure, the album is less likley to sell as wildly as it did on its first day of release, but re-instating the deal will still likely be a shot in the arm for both Gaga and Amazon, which is trying to promote its new music locker service. Some estimates have the Queen of Monsters selling close to 1 million records this week.


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