27. Vanille

GAME: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/360, 2010)
Oh, sure—female Japanese mannerisms are sooo kawai ^_^ ooh desu desu. Their little hand gestures, their intonations, their head lilts; it's enough to make an agoraphobic otaku's heart flutter. But as soon as you take that little high-pitched loli voice and make it start speaking ENGLISH, everything goes straight to weeaboo hell. Everything that was so cute in the Japanese voiceover suddenly becomes Freddy Krueger going buck-wild on a chalkboard. It gets bad enough that you begin to hope that her head tilts so hard when she giggles that she paralyzes herself...but alas, it never happens, and you realize that your exotification of Japanese girls has resulted in Squenix giving us 40+ hours of vaguely racist purgatory.