We love video games, but you have to admit that every so often you run across a character that makes you grit your teeth and breathe in a faintly strangled manner until they're gone again. Maybe it's a ridiculous boss character, maybe it's a sidekick, maybe it's a generic NPC that rubs you in more wrong ways than a blind masseuse with hangnails and epilepsy. Gaming obviously wouldn't be what it was without these guys—after all, not every character can be a home run—so we've taken it upon ourselves to get all the rancor out of our system before Memorial Day and run down the 50 most annoying characters you'll ever meet in a video game. Unwarranted bravado, douchebaggery, and sheer saccharine cuteness are all mortal offenses around here, and we're naming names. Shots fired!

By Elton R. Jones, Rich Knight, Peter Rubin, and Ryan Woo