19. BRING IT ON (2000)

Bring It On is the bubbly and irritating movie that high school cheerleaders dragged their boyfriends to see, just to exclaim, “See, cheerleading is a sport!” Meanwhile, the whipped dudes were thinking, “Where’s the locker room shower scene? It’s bad enough that peep-hole I cut out at school is too low and only shows ankles!”

It’s the ultimate teenage boy’s fantasy: getting a front-bench seat into the girls locker den after cheerleading practice just as the hot water is turned on and the towels hit the ground. Every other aspect of the pom-pom activity is covered in Bring It On except the post-routine cleansing rituals. Why? Because the producers wanted this teen comedy to reach the masses, not just pervy guys who never got any between grades 9-12. Some guys never win.

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