20. THE ROOMMATE (2011)

Hell, in this case, we would’ve settled for an R-rating and all of the not-even-softcore sexual tension that would’ve resulted. But with its PG-13 rating, The Roommate posited itself as a Single White Female for the Gossip Girl fan club, complete with an overacting Leighton Meester as a loony co-ed obsessed with her sexy new dorm-mate (Minka Kelly).

Had The Roommate been made for Skinemax airings, several of the movie’s key scenes could’ve been milked for all of their suggestive goodness. Take a scene in which Meester plays with Kelly’s hair while the two cuddle like sisters in bed—so many obvious lingerie-off, girl-on-girl possibilities. Or the shower scene where Alyson Michalka gets terrorized before her belly-button ring is ripped off; pan the camera back, show the birthday suit, and put the ring elsewhere. You fill in the blanks.

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