6. BITCH SLAP (2009)

Can you say “epic fail”? For nearly a year prior to Bitch Slap’s straight-to-DVD release, the movie’s producers were hyping it up as a sleazy, sexy, and balls-out throwback to old-school exploitation cinema. In other words, a shameless transport back to a time when drive-in theaters showed flicks in which sexy women kicked ass, took names, and showed all of their fleshy attributes.

So, logically, we copped the DVD on its initial release day; once we’d finished watching Bitch Slap, the realization that we’d been pimp-slapped was unavoidable. Sure, the chicks in this low-grade romp are insanely hot, and a few of them even make-out. But, seriously...zero nudity? Forget a bitch slap—we got jerked.

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