Having become a pop culture sensation after 2007’s Transformers, Megan Fox knew that she’d eventually need to prove her star power in a leading role. Sadly, she chose Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody’s all-kinds-of-bad second script Jennifer’s Body as her first big, headlining look.

Fox plays a popular high school cheerleader who suffers demonic possession, loses her inhibitions, tongues down Amanda Seyfried, and literally eats teenage boys’ hearts. It’d be overzealous to wish that she’d commit all of the character’s heinous acts while nude, but there’s one scene in particular that screams for some nudity.

At one point, Fox’s Jennifer emerges from a lake stark naked, only her breasts are covered by her long black hair, rendering the sequence a soft PG-13. Rumor has it that the bit was originally shot as a nipple-exposed showstopper. Call us when there’s a Jennifer’s Body Director’s Cut DVD.