3. Keith Van Horn

NBA Jam ’99 (N64/GBC, 1999)
For most of its existence, the NBA Jam series has cleverly avoided any coverboy pratfalls. How? By skipping coverboys altogether, choosing to use great big basketballs Photoshopped with flames and rips whenever possible. But three times (once with Chris Webber, once with Shawn Kemp, and once with a handful of players), the series has successfully given players a try. In 1999, however, Jam decided to give Van Horn, a gangly 6-10 sharpshooter from the Nets, a try. Why do we go through the trouble to explain who Van Horn was? Because he had just one good season (in 1998-99, when he poured in 21.8 points per game) in a career that was defined by softness and injuries. Yes, folks, that makes him the perfect cover athlete for a game that lets you push players to the parquet with no foul calls.