7. Joe Forte

NCAA Final Four 2002 (PS2, 2001)
Remember SCEA, the folks who got Cassell before he was a stud? This time, their early-detection apparatus was way off. Granted, finding apt college coverboys is a pretty serious crapshoot; for every Blake Griffin (NCAA March Madness 2010), there's a Greg Oden and some big goofy guy representing college “pageantry” (cough, Adam Morrison, cough). And for a while there, Forte, the 2001 ACC Player of the Year, actually seemed legit. But he spent just two seasons in the Association before heading overseas. At least past NCAA cover stars (Ron Dayne, Nick Collison, and Drew Gooden, to name a few) squeezed out a few years in the pros. Heck, even Morrison’s managed to stick around. But not Forte.

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