1. Kordell Stewart

NFL ’97 (Saturn, 1996)
NFL Blitz (N64, 1998)
We know exactly what was happening here. It was 1996, and Stewart was coming off of a breakout rookie year. He earned the nickname “Slash,” for his ability to dazzlingly line up at three different positions (QB, WR, and RB) and make just a handful of actual plays. But the folks at Sega thought they had the next big thing (kind of like they thought the Saturn would be big), so they tossed Stewart on their cover and watched him rise. Except that never happened.

Don’t hate on Sega too much, though. After all, just two years later, after an even bigger "breakout" year that included 21 TD passes and 17 interceptions, a digitally muscled-up Stewart landed on the cover of NFL Blitz. It was his last major gaming endorsement, and just as bad as his first one. The worst part of it all? NFL games typically do a great job choosing cover athletes, going with big names and taking few risks. Except for Stewart. And Hillis....