So it's finally sunk in: Peyton Hillis is really going to be on the cover of Madden NFL 12. Sorry, but it just took us awhile to digest the fact that Peyton Freaking Hillis, who has exactly one 1,000-yard season and one 10-TD season since high school, has somehow landed the most prestigious box cover in sports gaming. No wonder gaming companies aren’t run by fans.

After EA Sports let gamers vote on the cover this year, and they chose Hillis over a boatload of other more qualified candidates (think Ray Rice and Aaron Rodgers), we have a feeling everyone who doesn't live in Cleveland wants a do-over. Because if—no, make that when—the clock strikes midnight and Hillis morphs from Pro Bowl Cinderella to fullback pumpkin, he’ll be another all-too-tempting candidate The Top 10 Strangest Cover Athletes in Video Games

By Ebenezer Samuel