Dude finds the date of the apocalypse in his Bible; God gets pissed.

Alleged judgment day: 12/2/2006

Michael Drosnin, an ex-Wall Street Journal and Washington Post reporter, was flipping through his Bible and within the holy soup of words he saw our planet's apocalyptic doom date. Then he wrote a book about it, which is how The Bible Code came along.

According to Drosnin, there were encoded messages in the Good Book that told him the end of the world would come in 2006. Trust when we say this book is completely bugged. There are aliens, threats of world war, and even a Lee Harvey Oswald cameo. It’s completely nuts. And it also was a New York Times best-seller, so that shows you where America’s head was at.

Even though his last prediction was wrong, Drosnin hasn’t given up, and, in fact, has seen more signs of our doom recently during a vigorous game of Words With Friends.