Halley's Comet shows Earth how its ass tastes.

Alleged judgment day: 5/18/1910

Halley’s comet shows up on our radar about every 75 years or so. When the comet passed by Earth in 1910, it created some serious hysteria. It was a huge story that caught on with the greatest instigators in society: the press. If you think journalism in 2011 is bad, it was nothing compared to the Yellow Journalism era of the early 1900s. The press did anything to sell papers back then; in this case, newspapers created outrageous headlines hinting that the comet could lead to ruin.

When May 18th finally came, nothing really happened, except that the comet's tail brushed Earth. Boo-hoo. But people were still gullible as hell back then—Halley's Comet lead to an increase of sales in anti-comet pills and anti-comet umbrellas.