R.I.P., people. What, you didn’t hear? We've only got two days left before everything goes to complete shit. In case you didn’t catch signs like this or this in the neck of your woods, Saturday, May 21 will be our last day on Earth. Jesus will return, and we will die because of it, even though typically Christ comes across as a pretty cool dude.

This is all according to this guy, also known as a full-of-shit false prophet Harold Camping. We apologize if this news has got you on your knees praying for forgiveness while bumping some of Mase's old shit. The thing is, you actually might want to hold off on doing any of that.

The truth is, we have been here before. Many, many times. Throughout history, alleged prophets, pastors, scientists, authors, cult-leaders, journalists, and just overall nut-cases have all predicted our doom. And, as you can tell, we're still here, which means all those fuckers have been wrong—so far. Considering the spotty record, we’re going to assume that this Saturday’s unleashing of doom will be off, too. Well, hopefully. We'll find out soon enough. Until then, here are 10 End Of The World Predictions That Have Failed, to make us all feel a little better.