Give us some Jack Daniels and/or a rolled-up taste of Mary Jane and we’ll most certainly declare this scene as a technically brilliant piece of filmmaking. Watched while sober, though, this choice moment of nonsensicality from Sledgehammer is one of the funniest uses of slow motion we’ve ever seen.

We’d love it if one day Zack Snyder, the slo-mo-abusing director of 300 and Watchmen, revealed Sledgehammer as one of his biggest influences; this scene handles physical contact exactly like any one of Snyder’s movies.

Similar to his latest slow motion orgy, Sucker Punch, Sledgehammer’s best scene doesn’t make a lick of sense, either. A kid wearing a thrift shop Halloween mask whacks a dude (who’s sporting a mean hair helmet) in the face, and then sprouts until he’s about 10-feet tall, an effect that’s not unlike the transformation scene in 1941’s The Wolf Man, only far less sophisticated.

With a slow-motion pimp slap as monumental as that one, however, who gives a crap about logic?