5. PATTON (1970)

George C. Scott doesn’t have time for no punks. As the controversial World War II United States Army general George S. Patton in the stellar biopic Patton, the always great actor gave a dynamite performance, portraying the polarizing wartime hero with brute force and imposing presence.

His take-no-bullshit demeanor is best exemplified in the above scene, during which Patton admonishes a lily-livered soldier for crying like a sniveling female kindergartener. You can practically see the steam rising above Scott’s white hair, and the lava flowing in his eyes. With the soft Army dude showing no signs of drying his eyes, Scott’s Patton dishes out a mean right palm to the tear-jerk’s dome, lifting the helmet clean off his head. Nothing like a little hand-to-face combat to toughen a recruit up.