Working on a pop culture site, you naturally receive tons of pre-theatrical release movie screeners and free advance DVD copies—it’s what we like to call “swag,” bitches (don’t be jealous). And, every once in a while, a new disc will pop up in our mailroom that introduces us to an obscure flick we’d otherwise never know about; case in point, Sledgehammer, a little-seen slasher movie from 1983 that, as the synopsis on the back of the DVD case informed us, was shot on video tape.

Fascinated, we wanted to get a taste of what Sledgehammer has to offer, so we consulted trusty old YouTube. What we came across lifted an otherwise dismissible ’80s horror flick to pure guilty pleasure. The first clip we found culminates with a creepy kid giving the film’s hero a mighty face slap, needlessly presented in slow motion. And just like that, we fell in love with Sledgehammer.

After re-watching the scene a few times, and laughing our asses off with each viewing, we started to think about some other great blows to people’s mugs. So, kicked off by Sledgehammer’s aforementioned moment of illogical excellence, we’re about to brighten your day with 10 Awesome Pimp Slaps In Movies And TV. Because, let’s be honest—who doesn’t enjoy watching others get cheek-checked every now and then?