Bart the bear was the Marlon Brando of the Ursidae family. Though the professional trained Alaskan Kodiak Bear tore shit up in a dozen movies, his best work came in the mediocre action-thriller The Edge. Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins give it their best, but their combined efforts do little to take away from Bart’s ferocious performance.

And, yes, we realize that we’re praising a bear’s acting as if it were Daniel Day-Lewis, but try imagining The Edge without Bart—it’d just be a whole lot of bland talking and tiresome jungle-trekking. With Bart in tow, though, The Edge has a genuinely intimidating and believable villain, one who terrorizes Baldwin and Hopkins after their plane crashes into his wooded domain.

Since we’ve already talked Bart up to a ridiculous degree, let’s take it one step further: He’s to The Edge what Heath Ledger was to The Dark Knight. The obvious difference being, of course, that Christopher Nolan’s Batman flick wasn’t an altogether generic action pic.