9. LABYRINTH (1986)

Director: Jim Henson
David Gordon Green says: Labyrinth is an easy one that sort of became influential to us, because we talked so much about it and worked with a lot of designers who were very influenced by it. We wanted that same hands-on world. We have a labyrinth sequence and we have puppets and people in suits. We tried to have somewhat of that Jim Henson workshop feel to Your Highness, but we also tried to have that innocence, beauty, and dreamlike nature of Labyrinth that I’ve always really been affected by; I’ve always thought that was kind of cool.

There’s the strange David Bowie character that keeps popping up, and we really wanted to have an over-the-top villain like that in our movie. At one point, we actually talked about how awesome it’d be if we could get David Bowie to be the villain in the movie. But, at the same time, we did still emulate that rock star quality for the bad guy in our film.