Director: Richard Fleischer
David Gordon Green says: This one doesn’t have as much class, I don’t think, but I liked it a lot because I wasn’t allowed to see it and I snuck my way into watching it. There was something a little bit more supernatural about that one than the first one [1982's Conan The Barbarian], and it had hotter girls. It was more violent.

That movie really hit on a lot of taboos. My parents were really strict about movies, so I had to sneak over to my friends’ houses and watch them or catch them late at night on cable or whatever I could do to get into that. It was a pretty disturbing and intense movie for a young kid to watch.

We looked at that a good bit for some of the character designs and the attitude in Your Highness. It was something we referenced to a lot of the actors. The cast was familiar with it enough, and then we had to show it to them so they could really experience it. Everyone has a concept of what it is in their heads, based off the title alone, but I think it’s a pretty different experience 25 or so years later.