Despite being on the market for nearly a month and selling out across the globe, the iPad 2 was finally treated to a TV commercial this past weekend. 

Titled, "We Believe", the 30-second spot doesn't highlight the fact that the iPad 2 is thinner, faster, and lighter than its predecessor and much of the competition. In fact, it doesn't run off any of the iPad 2's specs. Instead, it focuses on the iOS user experience, and all the things Apple's tablet has enabled people to do. The commercial falls in line with Steve Jobs comment at the iPad 2's unveiling when he said specs don't matter in a Post-PC world as much as user experience. 

It's tone is much more serious than other Apple ads of late; harkening back to the company's "Think Different" campaign from the '90s. This may be attributed to the fact that unlike the first go-around, Apple realizes consumers are going to be tempted by a greater number of well-performing, spec-heavy tablets.

[via PC World]