Finally, an MMA-themed drama that seems worth our time.

If Warrior was on some Rocky/The Fighter shit, we definitely wouldn’t be intrigued, since the whole "underdog on the rise" angle is tired. However, as its trailer implies, this mixed martial arts flick has an interesting plot.

Tom Hardy plays a respected ex-Marine who returns home to his helpless alcoholic father (Nick Nolte). Instead of boozing along with pops, Hardy encourages his old man to help him train as an MMA fighter. Meanwhile, Joel Edgerton plays Hardy’s estranged brother, who pays bills as a schoolteacher, but has debts to pay off. Being an ex-MMA fighter, he decides to return to the cage for some hefty gwap. Soon, tensions between the brothers spark as they eventually clash against one another in the ring. 

The plot might seem somewhat predictable, but, still, we're excited to see how well the actors play out the MMA-style fighting sequences. We'll find out on September 9th.