A well-to-do, 68-year-old Florida woman, Ha Vasko, now lives behind bars inside New York's Rikers Island after a series of trips she took to the Big Apple for the sole purpose of robbing Chinese people.

va-hasko"I hate the Chinese. I rob them. They cheat, and they are greedy and are on welfare. I take their money to give to people who need money," Vasko told the New York Post.

Since last June, she's been making trips to New York to pickpocket and shoplift from Chinese people in Manhattan's Chinatown. Vasko says she's been using the money to help friends.

Originally from Hanoi, Vasko, met her husband during the Vietnam War when he was working as a civilian engineer, "claims she burned through $60,000 her husband gave her to help strangers and friends in need. She paid off one uninsured pal's $38,000 medical bill in Georgia." But her charity may cost her more than money, as the New York District Attorney's Office is considering charging her with a hate crime, which would mean at least four years in prison. 

[Via New York Post]

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