One of the biggest stories within the film blogging circuit this past weekend was the announcement that Oscar-nominated actor, and star of HBO's Boardwalk EmpireMichael Shannon had been cast as lead villain General Zod by director Zack Snyder for the next year's Superman reboot, Man Of Steel.

The actor was recently honored at the RiverRun International Film Festival in North Carolina and a /Film reader taped the whole thing.

Speaking about the casting process, Henry Cavill (who will play his archnemesis, Clark Kent/Superman), and more, Shannon revealed that the Sucker Punch director went to bat for him during his screen test wars versus Cavill. While he may come off as a little helter-skelter in the clip, the guy certainly knows how to hold one's attention.

Here's an excerpt:

"So I go meet him [Zack Snyder] and he’s seriously sitting there and he’s telling me – he’s like ‘You can’t read the script, so I’m just gonna tell you what happens.’ And he spent like a half hour telling me every scene in this movie…and then it’s a month later, it’s like ‘OK, you’re General Zod.’

What do you think about Snyder’s casting process and Shannon’s demeanor about landing this part? Man of Steel swoops into theaters in 2012 and stars the aforementioned Cavill, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, and Amy Adams.

[Via Movieweb]

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