Long-form journalism—really, long-form anything—is not so healthy right now. Yes, there are some great websites promoting the form (The Browser, Longreads) and a number of publications still function as if there exists no other way. But still, Twitter is often the driving force behind breaking news. And more often than not, that's how we consume information: as it breaks. We're awash in new news constantly with little time to process or reflect. Long-form journalism is and has been one of the best ways to process/reflect. The upcoming panel at UnionDocs outlines why we can't lose it and what needs to happen to revitalize the form.

Editors from the Paris Review, Longform.org, ProPublica, and the Atavist will discuss new, sustainable models for long-form, things in between the magazine article and the book-length work. It may look bleak, but we're looking to this panel for hope. Cross your fingers.

The Changing World of Long-Form Journalism
Sunday, April 17
7:30 p.m.
322 Union Ave, Brooklyn
$9 Suggested donation