Marvel has revealed that, following the events of the blockbuster story arc The Death of Spider-Man, Peter Parker will no longer be the man under the Spidey mask and that the new wall-crawler will get a fancy costume update.

The storyline is currently running through Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. Ultimates and will reach its conclusion in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 this June.

“We called this story 'Death of Spider-Man' for a reason,” said Axel Alonso, Marvel's Editor In Chief. “This is a huge story that’ll have fans around the world talking for a long time as we set the stage for the debut of our new Spider-Man.”

Ultimate Spider-Man was launched in 2000 by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley and instantly became one of Marvel’s top-selling books. The story re-imagined the Spider-Man universe for the new millennium and gave classic characters such as Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, and Norman Osborn modernized revamps. It also gave new fans a chance to jump onto the book without having to deal with decades of back story or years of complicated continuity.

[Via Marvel]