British fiction writer Susan Hill’s The Woman In Black is a creepy page-turner about a vengeful ghost that haunts a young lawyer.

The film adaptation will star Daniel Radcliffe (his first major post-Harry Potter film role) as the main character, Arthur Kipps, an attorney who visits a small English village to handle the paperwork for a dead client. There’s no way for us to find out anything plot-related through this teaser trailer, since the spot concentrates on selling Radcliffe’s name. But if the movie unfolds like the novel, we’re heading toward a tragic ending, though adjustments could be made for a wider audience.

Overall, we have high hopes for this British release, directed by James Watkins (the highly underrated Eden Lake) and written by Jane Goldman (co-writer of Kick-Ass and this summer's X-Men: First Class). It hits theaters in the U.K. in February 2012, with no U.S. release date as of now.