4/20 isn’t just stoner Christmas. According to Terminator lore, April 20th is also the day Skynet, the artificial intelligence system built by Cyberdyne for the U.S. Armed Forces and in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal, goes live. Hell, now we might not even make it to see whether the Mayan’s own “Judgment Day” prophecy comes to fruition.

But alas, a day later and we’re still here. No sightings have been reported of all-conquering robots that resemble Fox Mulder’s replacement cruising around and blowing shit up. King of the world James Cameron offered up his two cents, a day before Skynet’s launch, reasoning, “Skynet was supposed to go operational tonight. Instead of machines taking over, we have the very real threat of global warming.” And Putin, of course.

Perhaps Cameron is simply throwing us off his trail. If there’s anyone with the wherewithal to try to build something like Skynet (or even just one cyborg), it’s the guy who used fancy technology to make Pocahontas the highest-grossing film ever.—Devin Chanda

[via ReadWriteWeb]