Launch date: November 3, 2009

Fatal flaw(s): Unjustifiable purchase 

Peek, a New York-based company started by former Virgin Mobile employees, enjoyed great success in 2008 with the release of its Peek e-mail device. The slim, smartphone-looking messenger allowed users who were smartphone-averse to simply check their e-mail on the go. No more, no less. It was simple, refined, and, according to some people, one the best new gadgets of that year. Looking to expand on its product line-up Peek last year introduced Twitter Peek. A device that—you guessed it—let you use Twitter. We get it. People use Twitter these days as much as they check their e-mail, but does anyone really need a dedicated Twitter device? Really? No, they don't. Especially not when they have to pay $99 for a six-month plan, or $200 for a lifetime plan. 

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