Launch date: December 3, 2001

Fatal flaw(s): Low travel range, expensive, low mph

Remember when Segway inventor Dean Kamen said that his Segway Human Transporter was going to replace walking? Or when Steve Jobs said it was going to be "bigger than the PC"? Yeah, none of that happened. Walking is, and will always be, free. The Segway, on the other hand, the two-wheeled self-balancing electrical vehicle, will run you around $5,000. When Kamen, a man that holds over 100 patents and invented the heart stent that kept former Vice President Dick Cheney alive, introduced the Segway the media went nuts hailing it as a revolution in transportation. Since it's launch,  it's been estimated that there have been around 50,000 Segways sold, which isn't too shabby, but a long, long way from becoming a major form of transportation. Thanks to later media representations, when we hear the word Segway, all we can think about is Paul Blartt

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