Launch date: January 30, 2007

Fatal flaw(s): Slow, buggy, very fragmented, high hardware standards

Go 'head, laugh away. You all knew it was coming. But Vista wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. Yeah, it was buggy and didn't run properly on a number of machines that were running Windows XP. But those were growing pains, right? And so what if people couldn't decide which version to buy because Microsoft decided to ship eight different versions of Vista? More choice is good for the consumer, isn't it? No and no. Windows Vista was noteworthy for introducing a new version of Windows that veered away from Microsoft's old operating systems. There was a new user interface called Aero that looked eerily similar to Apple's Aqua, and new built-in software like a DVD Maker and an universal search feature. However, the OS took Microsoft five steps forwards and about 10 back. There's a reason why there are more XP users than Vista users in the world. Fail.