Launch date: 1989

Fatal flaw(s): Slow, lacking features, unstable, poor non-BlackBerry mobile support 

Turn my bomb on. Employers, you want to irritate and piss off your employees on a daily basis? Buy a license for IBM's corporate e-mail and collaboration tool, Lotus Notes. Now in its eight version, Lotus Notes has become one of the most popular e-mail clients in the world with over 145 million licenses sold. We don't know how the hell that happened. Must have been some backroom deals or blackmail involved because up until version 6 it was the most frustrating piece of software we here at Complex had to use on the daily. The search function was horrible, it was slow to boot up, quick to crash, and getting it to work on your iPhone or Android device was harder than getting Delonte West to stop gooning for a day. We've since switched to something much more flexible and easier-to-use, thank Jehova. Turn my bomb off.