Sometimes the tech game reminds us of the rap game. With the deluge of new gadgets and technologies released each year, it's a given that each won't succeed. Some are just bound to fail, like Charles Hamilton or Yung Berg or... you get the point. Similar to the unfortunate public burnout suffered by the Sonic-rockin' Harlemite, there have been certain technologies and products that have flamed out in dramatic, memorable ways. That's what this list is about.

We're not concerned with gadgets that were so confoundng in their creation and intended purpose that they stood less of a chance on store shelves than Nas in family court. Products like the TV Hat—unveiled at the 2011 CES—for example. Is the TV Hat a fail? Of course, but no one thought it was going to sell like Yankee fitteds. Instead, think more so technologies like HD DVD—i.e. ones people thought may succeed, but for whatever reason didn't—are the ones we're talking about. From Google's panned communication service to Microsoft's many mess-ups, check out the 50 Worst Fails In Tech History.